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Venkateshwara Agencies - Sivakasi

We started our fireworks trading agency in the year 2008 by Mr.S.Selva Kumar who was our founder. Our main supply of fireworks & crackers is from Nayagi Fireworks Industries, Sivakasi.


A Customer is the most important visitor on our premises.

We serve him by the opportunity given to us.
  • We stand for "Honesty, Responsibility, Innovation".
  • We insist on Precision and Quality of the product.
  • We convinced that Quality is Life.

Through their excellent service and rapid self-upgradation, expanding their market and supported by their customers and peers. The range of fireworks products includes chakkars, Flower pots, Crackers, Sparklers, Cartoons, Rockets, Fountains, etc., and especially Aerial displays.

Efforts are taken for best performance of the products but confirm to the safety and security regulations. With a team of well trained technicians, the fireworks have performed many outdoor displays.

Our final goal is to become the most challenging agency in the sivakasi fireworks field, by providing well rounded service to the guaranteed satisfaction.